Project information

Client: Carl Grover

Site location: Ecogrove, UK

Project Date: 2011-now

Project Status: Under Construction

EcoGrove is a new flagship urban eco-village currently under construction. It has been designed to enhance each residents’ quality of life, whilst making a step-change reduction in their personal carbon emissions.  This regenerates an area which has suffered unplanned development and contributed to the significant degradation of the local Green Belt. The development of 89 five bedroom homes integrates an urban farm run by a local charity and shows how Code 6 of the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes can be delivered economically and provide homes that are easy to sell with the potential for net-zero annual energy bills.

As well as being super-energy efficient and durably built to last over 100 years, the homes are well-specified and modern and are designed to be healthy, easy to run, light and well-ventilated. No toxic ‘Grenfell materials’ have been specified, and the homes should be overall climate neutral from cradle to grave. Micro-generation technologies, including solar panels to generate electricity, will be fitted to individual homes.

Residential area

Proposed site boundary

BIPV Roof & solar loft sunspace

Near Zero winter heating specification

New homes with an overall annual carbon footprint of zero. Enough renewable energy has been integrated into the project to meet its overall annual energy demand with potentially surplus to power an electric car. All homes will have on plot electric vehicle charging points. The solar loft provides covered amenity space all year round, and gives kids play space in adverse weather, or provides a calm indoor garden.

Carefully draught-proofed super-insulated homes are air-tight to 1.3 air changes/hour @50 pascals test pressure. The roof and wall insulation are made from natural materials and are vapour permeable to avoid creating sweaty internal air. High-quality aluminium-clad timber windows and doors are specified as standard.

Heat recovery ventilation with ASHP

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery provides a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air – plus, the air source heat pump then recovers heat from the extracted air, so you don’t waste energy.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric powered personal mobility powered by renewable energy. Although cars will be present in the development, their annual electric demands can be met by this means.

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