Custom Build - Tailor your home to suit your family

Custom Build - Tailor your home to suit your family


  1. Choose your house type

  2. Choose your internal layout. Each house type has a limited range of internal layout options, which can be chosen without altering the structural design, external window location, or service distribution. Most house types also have the option to construct a ‘room in the roof’, which requires a staircase, some additional services, and an extension of the insulated envelope. This extra room, which provides convenient access to the Solar Loft, can either be included in the initial construction, or residents can wait until they can afford to expand their home to suit their expanding family.

  3. Design your kitchen/bathroom. Either omit the kitchen/bathroom from the contract and get it done yourself, or chose a layout and specification from a standard set of components, to meet your families requirements.

  4. Choose external materials. Choose from a limited selection of window colour, render colour, front door colour, soffit colour and arrangement of timber weatherboarding.

  5. Optional extras include. Wood burner in living room or pellet range in kitchen, electric bike, home energy monitoring system, underground rainwater storage, garden terrace, pond, raised beds. 'Full Code 6 upgrade pack’ includes all additional components and consultancy fees required to achieve the certificate for CfSH level 6 accreditation.

External Finishes Options


Lime Render available in a range of self-colours

Clay Tiles

Green Oak or Welsh larch ship lap boarding

Timber shingles

Vertical/Horizontal  weatherboarding

Dwarf Wall Options
(Perimeter plinth)

Slates Roofing Options
(North facing roof)

Zinc Roofing Options
(North facing roof)

Terracotta rain screen External wall cladding



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