ZEDprojects offers:

Development enabling, Business planning, Development appraisals, 

Negotiation with local authorities, Section 106 agreements, Grant applications, Project management, Setting up joint ventures

Contractor / Developer​


The Zero Bills Home Co have spent years refining a product that redefines customer expectations in a very competitive market. It will be very hard to sell the legal minimum now that the zero bills home is on the market. Our product offers the public the opportunity to fix their fuel bills for the next twenty years with the same monthly expenditure as a building regs home with conventional energy bills. Surpassing the highest Code standards with homes that generate more energy than they consume - allows the use of zero carbon personal electric car use, helping unlock sites with poor access to public transport by reducing the CO2 penalty. The planning benefits with local authorities should help increase your annual homes output. So all the old excuses start to disappear?

Individual Self-builder


If you need a well designed, standard price kit of parts and a timber frame with erection included, this could be the best package on the market. The standard House Design is included in the price, and each element can be separately ordered, enabling you to put in as much sweat equity as you wish. Insurance cover and a self-build mortgage package with insurance will be available to those that want it. A number of self-procure sites will be coming available in the near future. Subject to demand, the first release of self-procured houses will be available at Bickleigh Down. The weatherproof envelope for a self-procured house and you fitout the interior.



If you own land, whether as a local authority or private individual - having a fixed price development package complete with a business plan package and potential funding partners could save a lot of time and trouble. There is little or no need to involve traditional middlemen developer partners, and the Zero Bills Home Company offers a one-stop shop that can you take you from empty site to a valuable zero carbon community. Our expert team from ZEDfactory delivers detailed planning permissions fast with ZEDprojects negotiating watertight Section 106 agreements and fundable business plans. Using pre-priced standard house types finished in local materials and assembled with local labour enables us to respond to local context whilst offering a defined product at fixed costs. We recommend a mixture of self-procure serviced plots and contractor built homes for most larger sites.

RSL / Housing Association


The Zero Bills home range of house types provide the best value energy efficient home with almost no heating bills and generating large amounts of free electricity for tenants. With lower design costs than conventional one-off procurement methods and plenty of options allowing both your own framework contractors to build the system as well as our own specialist delivery partners - there is no point in worrying about how to deliver the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Just minimise the delivery risk and exceed the standards whilst eliminating fuel poverty.



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