Zero Bills Home

Project information

Client: ZEDfactory MMC

Site location: BRE Innovation Park, UK

Project Date: 2016

Project Status: Construction Finished

  • Superinsulated concrete foundation slab with optional additional piles to match most ground conditions.

  • Laser cut galvanised steel-powder coated structural ring beam with C16 UK timber studs. UK fabricated OSB structural boards enables one floor to be built every two days

  • Superinsulated cladding with heat recovery ventilation and triple glazing reduces heat demand to the point where a tiny heat pump can provide comfort and hot water

  • ZED Factory designed BIPV solar roofing system provides durable roof with electric generation and optional solar loft conservatory

  • Good daylight, water saving appliances and LED lighting reduces electric demand allowing surplus solar electricity to power an electric car

  • A smart LIPO4 Fitcraft battery system. Positioned under the stair stores solar electricity, minimising grid imports and limiting grid export to 3kW maximum avoids the need to upgrade the existing mains grid infrastructure. 

An Innovative Affordable ZERO CARBON Housing System


The Zero Bills Home build at the BRE Innovation Park represents the first show home for a new 96 home zero bills development in Newport Essex for the Sir Arthur Ellis family Trust. Newport is 8 miles from Stansted and 15 miles from Cambridge. The new zero bills village is 150 yards from a station on the Bishopsgate / Cambridge railway line. ​​

The Zero Bills Home at the BRE is only connected to the grid for 20% of the year and still generates some surplus renewable electricity to run electric vehicles.

This home represents 10 years of innovation and supply chain development. The home far exceeds requirements under the new building regulations and will be rested against the new HQM standards, aiming to achieve the highest levels possible for the site. Full LABC and Protekt warranties for the construction system will be available.



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