About Us

The Zero Bills Homes Company is a onestop- shop enabling company to deliver Zero Bills Homes and communities. At the heart of what we offer is the Zero Bills Home - a pre designed, engineered, and costed housing system with a wide range of custom build design options.

The Zero Bills Communities

ZEDfactory - Architecture & Urban Design

ZEDfactory’s team can help masterplan new communities and deliver planning approvals for this product. Our team sets up local Zedfactory’s working with local suppliers and contractors to create local jobs with on site assembly and finishing. ZEDfactory’s design team can help masterplan new communities and deliver planning approvals for all sizes of developments of Zero Bills Homes. Our team sets up local Zedfactory’s working with local suppliers and contractors to create local jobs with on site assembly and finishing.

ZEDprojects - Project Management & development enabling

The ZEDprojects team can empower landowners by setting up joint ventures to deliver zero bills homes and communities whilst achieving good value for money. ZEDprojects’ focus is on drawing the partners together to Create a viable project.We offer 2 models of development : Development of services plots for ‘self procure’ initiatives and traditional forms of construction project management.

ZEDprojects have:
• Negotiated terms with Plymouth City Council to secure 7 acres of land on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon.
• Set up ‘green’ property development Company, CornerstoneZED.
• Led the grant applications
• Co-ordinated the legal, technical, cost planning and financial work.
• Co-ordinated the successful delivery of the planning application and negotiated terms of the S ection 106 agreement.
• Written the business plan for the development in order to secure funding.
• Developed the business plan t o create the ‘green hub’ - creating new jobs in renewable industries.

ZEDprojects combines ZEDfactory’s lead in zero carbon design with wide experience in the delivery of large scale Public Private Partnership programmes and landmark construction projects.

On site assembly facility package 

Larger developments can benefit from the integration of an on-site assembly facility, creating local green jobs. Frames would be either built or finished on site, to facilitate frame and cladding customisation and reduce transportation of panels. Once it’s life as a factory has finished, the barn structure can be converted to commercial and community space, creating a green business hub and covered space for activities such as farmers markets or community fares.