Imagine living in a home with no bills, but one which actually earned you money.

Imagine if your house was efficient and cheap to run, but warm and comfortable to live in.

Imagine if this house was also beautiful, affordable, and buildable.

The ZERO Bills Home shows how to build affordable and beautiful homes that actually cost less to live in than a building regs minimum standard home. The modest additional monthly mortgage payment for the fit and forget solar powered electric home is less than buying a conventional home and paying conventional bills.

At the same time a rooftop solar loft adds sales value, and a range of pre priced standard house types allow both housing associations and the private sector to predict out turn construction cost with confidence. Simple works packages make self procure easy for self builders and contractors with pre priced works packages ready for all major construction elements whilst allowing customisation of internal layouts, kitchens, bathrooms and cladding materials.

The houses are of a modern design with large windows and open plan spaces, but built from traditional materials and proven construction methods. All homes will come with a 10 year NHBC warranty and are designed to comply with ‘Lifetime Homes’ and ‘Secure by Design’ standards. Living rooms and kitchens are located on the ground floor, with bedrooms upstairs. At the top of the house a semi-transparent PV roof creates a stunning ‘solar loft’, allowing dappled sunlight to flood into the highest room with the best view. This provides an ideal growing space for keen gardeners, or a relaxing sunspace for those more inclined to putting their feet up with a cup of coffee.


Energy Production Vs Energy Demand

Graph 1 demonstrates that the house is energy positive for 8 months of the year and only energy negative for 4 months. Annually this balances out to the house producing more energy than is needed.

Monthly Cashflow

Graph 2 shows the monthly cash flows. The house is in credit for 10 months of the year and annually this provides an income to the owner- not a bill. This cash surplus is usually enough to offset any additional up-front costs for buying a zero bills home instead of any other type of home. This means that even if the home had a slightly higher sales price to provide the higher specification, for mortgage payers the home will in fact cost you less in combined monthly payments

Average Monthly Costs

1. Based on a 5 Bed 126m2 Home  2. Energy costs based on predicted 2013 rates (6% CAGR fuel price escalator and 3% CAGR Inflation over 20 years) 3. Energy Data based on SAP calculations 4. Energy usage for Building regulations home based on Average DECC figures for electricity and gas consumption 5. Zero Bills Home has 8.25 kWp PV 6. Solar irradiation data based on PVGIS data for our Plymouth development 7. Energy consumption for our zero bills home is based on engineering calculations for heat loss, heat pump demand and is accurate to our designed energy load standards 8. ‘Zero Bills’ is defined as annually offsetting all electricity bills for the property with Fits Income. The home requires electricity only as an energy source