Energy Systems

The ZEDroof is a new energy roof system which lets daylight into a loft to create a conservatory in your south-facing roof space whilst generating electricity. The ZEDroof forms an integral part of our ‘ Net Zero Carbon - Net Zero Energy Bills’ Solution. The ZEDroof can make you money, while providing free energy. An integrated energy and roofing system that reduces costs by replacing traditional roofing materials. An universal architectural product that creates a conservatory or atrium in the south-facing roof space. The most cost effective solution to generate high FITS returns wherever there is a new roofing or a re-roofing need. Established in 1995, Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co. Ltd is the largest private research institution and solar energy manufacturing centre in China, producing solar collectors, PV panels and solar lighting. The Himin Solar Valley has become the model for future cities around the world. Himin’s vision of a “Climate Mart” supply chain of 50,000 retail outlets will become the template for successful emerging industry operators in the future.